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What are you doing to keep You and Your Family
safe in the America 2.0 we live in?

You are the Ultimate Decision
Maker for Healthcare Benefits

That is why we offer you a Doctor in your Pocket: 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year! A bundled Virtual Healthcare Membership can deliver incredible benefits to help you and your family be healthier and happier.

Who was Give Virtual Care
created for?

We created an affordable Bundled Virtual Healthcare Membership to serve those that need access to care in a timely fashion that includes you and your immediate family within the same household no matterif it’s a family of 4 or family of 10 or more for one low-cost!

Give Virtual Care Membership was designed for Individuals and their Immediate Family Members.

We bring down the barriers and restrictions of the conventional health insurance market
for those that do not have access to company group insurance plans.

Isn’t it time you gave yourself and your family peace of mind?

Give Virtual Care has created a Bundled Healthcare Membership to assist you not only during this COVID pandemic but as a BRIDGE to what will be our “new norm” and you should be asking yourself:

Do I have a contingency plan in place for my family should this ever happen again?

Just look at some of the statistics and costs for the average American today:

Primary Care

Average American visits their Primary Care provider 4 times a year with an average $30 copay per visit for insured.

Urgent Care

Average American goes to Urgent Care 0.5 times a year with an average cost of $150 per visit.

Emergency Room Visits

Average American goes to the ER 0.25 times a year with a $500 average co-pay for insured and $1,500 without.


Average American fills 12 prescriptions a year with spend of $1,200 per annum.


Over 75% of Urgent Care and ER visits could be avoided by using Telemedicine!

Over 75% of Urgent Care and ER visits alone could be avoided by using Telemedicine!

Why do you and your family
NEED a Give Virtual Care Membership

You may not have any health insurance currently

You may not have access to the convenience of telemedicine

You may be concerned about the cost of healthcare in general

You are a part-time employee, 1099 worker or self-employed

You want to provide greater protection for your children

You may have a large deductible

You need easy access to Expert 2nd Opinions and specialty hospital

Membership includes full access to
ALL of the providers below at one low price!”

Unlimited on-demand general Telehealth appointments.


Unlimited on-demand general medicine appointments through industry leader TELADOC including free consultations. NO Consultation Fee or Co-pays for Members looking for general medical assistance included anywhere in the United States, with access 24/7/365 via phone, tablet, computer and app connectivity.

Save up to 85% off the high cost of Medications at over 50,000 USA pharmacies.


Membership to RxValet’s network of solutions to save up to 85% off the high cost of Medications at over 50,000 USA pharmacies, with home delivery services, International pharmacy options, specialty medications, diabetic supplies, Pet medications and prescription assistance programs all included with your Membership.

Connect with resources to assist with Mental Health & Suicide Prevention.


The iCrisis patented App is a “one tap”, Confidential, 24/7 solution and is answered by trained counseling professionals who will give a safety plan to the caller whether they are a school child, veteran, client or family member. They will be connected with a trained counseling professional to keep them safe and link them to resources to assist with Anxiety Mental Health, Depression or Suicide Prevention.

Request a 2nd opinion for the most challenging of issues. 


Expert 2nd Opinion provides each GVC Member the opportunity to request a 2nd opinion for the most challenging of issues. Whether someone is now experiencing a torn ACL, internal complications, cancer or other serious issues they will be guided to one of TELADOC’s Experts for a 2nd Opinion and discussion. Completely Included within the GVC Membership.

Not just any providers, only the Best in Class providers who have been managing Millions of Clients for Years.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Determine who in your family to enroll

Step 2

Pick a start date

Step 3

Sleep with peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected

Step 1

Determine who in your family to enroll

Step 2

Pick a start date

Step 3

Sleep with peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected

A typical Family of 4 will save roughly $1,280 per year if they are insured and over $4,200 if they are uninsured based on industry averages.


$30 per

For You & Your
Entire Immediate Family

Membership Cost Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a membership actual insurance?

No. Your Membership is a bundled Healthcare Membership and NOT medical insurance. The Membership provides Telemedicine, discounts on Prescriptions, Expert 2nd Opinion and Telemental Health as a completely bundled Service.

Q: Can I use funds from my HSA account?

YES! The Cares Act allows for HSA funds to be used for Telemedicine.

Q: Does Teledoc include the cost of the Telemedicine consultations?

YES! There are no extra fees for on-demand Telemedicine General Medicine Consultations.

Q: Does a membership work if I currently have health care?

YES! A Membership is NOT health insurance and works independently.

Q: Can the My RXValet network membership be used on any prescription from any doctor?

Yes! Your MY RxVALET network Membership can be used at 50,000 pharmacies nationwide with ANY PRESCRIPTION! It even works for Pet Medicationsand Mail Order!

Q: When do memberships become active?

Your Membership is active depending on what part of the month you sign up. If you sign up between the 1st and 15th their Membership is active the 1st of the following month. If you sign up between the 16th and 31st, their membership is active the 15th of the following month.

Q: Does a membership include my family?

YES! The Membership includes access for your immediate family within the same household no matter if it’s a family of 4 or family of 10 or more. Family is defined by primary, spouse or partner and children that are claimed as dependents and anyone claimed as dependent or children living at the address on your membership under the primary or spouse. This includes step-children that live at the address on your membership and College age children that are still claimed as dependents. There is an additional benefit that Elderly parents or non-dependents that fall under a caregiver situation can use the family Teladoc account with a $45 consultation fee.

Q: Does a membership include in-person medical visits?

The Membership is for Telemedicine and DOES NOT cover in person doctor visits, urgent care, emergency room, hospital stays or other in-person medical visits.

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